Route (Return Trip)

I will leave Anchorage sometime around the middle of November and drive 800 miles to Haines, Alaska. I will have to go back into Canada briefly before coming back into Alaska and continuing to Haines. I will allow 2 - 3 days for the drive and the weather should be VERY cold.

From Haines, I will board a ferry with the Alaska Marine Highway and travel eventually to Bellingham, Washington. Along the way, I hope to stop in Sitka, Juneau, Petersburg, and Ketchikan. Since I cannot bring my pistol into Canada, I am having it mailed from the K-mart in Anchorage to one in Juneau.

The Alaska Marine Highway runs year round and after September 30th, the prices are 75% off. This is the main reason for me taking the ferry. Also, the ferry ride is through the beautiful Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska. I might get a stateroom on the ferry, but have been told that that is not necessary. It is common for people to sleep up on top under a covered area in their sleeping bags and have kind of a party. I am looking forward to the ferry trip, but I REALLY don't want this trip to end.

After arriving in Bellingham, I will drive South to Seattle and visit with a couple friends of mine that live there. When I leave Seattle, I will drive East toward Colorado and I hope to make it back home around Thanksgiving. Since I moved out of my apartment in Englewood, CO, I will live in Evergreen, Colorado for a couple of weeks until I get the job situation figured out.