Alaska Trips

So far, I have taken two trips to Alaska.  My first trip was from August, 1997 to the end of November, 1997.  During the trip, I used my camcorder to film my experiences in the Alaskan bush, and in so doing was able to get some pretty nice pictures of scenery, as well as wildlife - including grizzlies, brown, and black bears, moose, caribou, bald eagles, etc.  I was also fortunate enough to view Mt. McKinley on a clear day.  God was certainly with me during the first trip, as I backpacked for about six weeks, and lived out of a camper on the back of my truck for the rest of the four month trip. I tried to get back to Anchorage about once every three weeks to update the webpage, but as time went on, I found it harder and harder to spend the necessary time to get the images from my camcorder into the computer and then author them and build (or update) the webpage.  I was pretty consistent for the first two months, however, and several friends were able to keep up with what I was doing on my trip.

I loved Alaska so much after spending that amount of time there, that I had to go back.   I took another trip in August, 1998 and met my father there.  My dad lives in Houston, Texas, and we arranged to meet in Anchorage and spend three weeks together.   We tried to hunt and fish, but the weather would not cooperate with us.  I used my camcorder again to capture on film the various scenes and wildlife, but I did not see as much wildlife (or views) since I was only there for three weeks. 

Anyway, pictures from both trips can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

        Extended Trip to Alaska in 1997

        Shorter Trip to Alaska in 1998