Mt. Antero

Feb 19-21, 1999

My friend, Phillip Cox, who now lives in Houston, Texas, came up during the month of February and we drove out to Silverthorne for a day of skiing at Keystone.  We stayed in a motel, so we could get all of our stuff together the next day for our three-day backpacking trip around Mt. Antero.  Antero is one of Colorado's 14ners (a mountain over 14,000 feet above sea-level).  Colorado has 54 fourteeners, and climbing them can become quite a challenge - especially in the Winter. Phillip and I both prefer to backpack and climb in the Winter, because there is hardly anyone else out there. 

Phillip and I drove from Silverthorne, through Leadville and through Buena Vista to our turn off on FR 162.  We took that road about 12 miles to the Mt. Antero trailhead, and began our snow-shoe hike into the mountains, hoping to make treeline before nightfall. 

It was a beautiful day, with clear 'Colorado-Blue' skies and cool temperatures. We hiked for 2 1/2 hours and covered about 4 miles.  We decided to setup camp just below treeline, but finding a good spot was a little bit of a challenge

pic1.JPG (37646 bytes)

We had to shape a level area with snow, so we could set up the tent.  One of the nice things about camping in the snow is that you can pitch a tent in places that would be too unlevel in the Summer months.  You can see the ridge of snow that we piled up and set the tent on.  After the first night, it was hard as a rock.

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The weather was very nice, but since we were both new to this area, we had a very difficult time trying to follow the trail.  In the Winter, the trails are covered in snow, and their appearance is not at all obvious.  We ended up taking a turn on a different trail - without knowing it, and that foiled our ascent.  We didn't realize it until later though, and we were pretty disappointed when we found out. 

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The two end pictures are of Phillip. The one on the left is when we were hiking down the mountain, and the one on the right is the last day (day 3) in the tent.  Both of us were ready for some REAL food and a shower.  The scenary around Mt. Antero was beautiful, and next time we will be sure not to miss the trail.  We have both agreed to try this mountain again in the Summer to learn the route.