Mt. Lincoln


During the Martin Luther King weekend, I went on a solo backpacking trip up the side of Mt. Lincoln.  The weather was not good during the whole trip and most of the time, I was in white-out conditions.  Since the weather was poor, I just went on a couple of snow-shoe hikes and enjoyed the snow.  I drove to Hoosier Pass (South of Breckenridge) and from there, hiked across the mountain to a place where I could set up my tent.  I got a late start, so I was hiking until after dark.  I found a place that was somewhat sheltered by trees at 11,800 feet (using the topo map).  I had to dig a level spot in order to pitch the tent, but using the snow shovel, it didn't take long.

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The winds really kicked up both nights, but fortunately due to the pit I dug, and the low-profile tent I use (NorthFace Mountain 24), the tent remained on the mountain.   It snowed all weekend, with only about a 4 hour break one of the days.  The view was beautiful during the break.  I was situated about 600-800 feet above Montgomery Reservoir and could see across to the out-skirts of Alma.  I could hear (and feel) charges going off to set off avalanches in the nearby mountains. I was in an area that was so wind-blown that there really wasn't enough snow depth to make avalanches a legitimate concern, but the charges definitely got my attention.  I could feel the mountain shake below me.

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When I returned to my truck, which was parked at the trail head, I found that the snow plow had come by and blocked me in with a 3 1/2 foot wall of hard-packed snow, so I had to dig out.  I definitely got my exercise that day.